What is RacePace

Indoor group running classes for anyone at any level.

RacePace FAQ

What is RacePace?

RacePace is Houston’s first and only indoor running studio providing runners, joggers, and walkers of all abilities a community and place to train, connect, and learn.

How do I know which class type to pick?

A RacePace is the speed you would run a specific race distance.  We use 5 RacePaces during our interval classes; you can also think of them as 5 levels of effort (from easiest to hardest):

  1. Marathon RacePace — relaxed, “sing-a-song” pace; a speed you could comfortably hold for a while.

  2. Half-Marathon RacePace — controlled, conversational pace; still fairly “comfortable” effort level.

  3. 10k RacePace — mid-level effort, feel your heart start to pump and notice your breath, no longer conversational 

  4. 5k RacePace — fast controlled effort.  Getting into higher-speed territory. Fast legs and fast breath.

  5. Mile RacePace — hard, challenging effort, approaching top speed (but not quite); pushing it!

Do I Have to Run the Whole Time?!

No!  All RacePace classes are interval-based.  That means periods of work followed by periods of recovery.  How you spend those recovery periods is completely up to you!  The goal is to allow yourself to regroup before the next interval begins.  Some walk, some jog, some run. All are totally fine! It’s whatever you decide makes sense for YOU!

What If I’m Not a “Runner”?

Our classes can be catered to individuals of ALL levels of fitness and experience.  You are in complete control of your speeds the entire time. And the interval-based structure of the classes means that you’re only working for 2-3 minutes at a time before that next recovery.  It breaks up the running into small (totally doable!) pieces and makes the time FLY!

What Should I Bring To Class?

Come prepared to run. 

Wear: A comfortable (sweat-wicking) top, comfortable shorts or tights and running shoes. 

Bring: A water bottle to stay hydrated (we have 2 filtered bottle filling stations for your convenience), a positive attitude and FRIENDS (because running is WAY more fun with friends!).

Which Class Should I Choose?

We offer three different classes catered to different levels and workout objectives:

  1. RacePace Starting Line — Starting Line is our introductory class.  The intervals are shorter and lower in intensity than the other two class types.  If you’re coming for the first time, Starting Line is a great option!

  2. RacePace Speed — Speed will generally be shorter (2-3 minute) intervals at higher intensities.  More time will be spent in the upper end of your speed spectrum (5k RacePace / Mile RacePace) and running shorter, steeper climbs.  This is a great class for building running strength and power.

  3. RacePace Endurance — Endurance is made up of more moderate intensity intervals (slower speeds) than you’ll run in the Speed class, but you’ll sustain the intervals for longer periods of time.  The goal is to build your stamina and cardiovascular endurance.

Do You Have Showers?

Yes!  We have men’s and women’s locker rooms with 2 showers each.  The showers are fully stocked with Malin + Goetz amenities and we provide towel service.  You’ll have everything you need to freshen up before heading to work or that post-workout happy hour.

What is Your Cancellation / Late Arrival Policy?
Late Cancel / No ShowYou must cancel online or via phone/email at least SIX HOURS prior to class starting to avoid a late cancellation penalty.  If you cancel within six hours or no-show to the class, you will lose the class credit or, if you’re an unlimited member, you pay a $10 late cancel penalty fee. This policy will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. Waitlist PolicyIf you have a confirmed spot in a waitlisted class and you are not at the studio 3 minutes before class starts, your spot will be forfeited. If you’re on your way, we will hold the spot if you let us know in advance, but otherwise your spot will be released.   

We also understand things happen and getting to the studio on time isn’t always possible. But, for safety reasons, we won’t allow anyone arriving 5 minutes (or more) after class starts to enter the class.

Do You Offer Student / Teacher Discounts?

Yes!  Students and teachers receive a 15% discount off all class packs and memberships with valid school I.D.*Discount does not apply to any promotions*

Can We Host A Private Event at RacePace?

Absolutely!  We love hosting corporate team-building runs, sales meetings, no-shower happy hours, bachelor(ette) runs and more.  Email info@racepacerunners.com to inquire.

Any Other Questions?

Call (832-623-6406) or email us — we’re happy to help!  We want your RacePace experience to be everything we know it should.  Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make sure you have the run of your life!